Explanation of payment policy for  Bible study ebooks (PDF and epub), commentaries, and class books

Explanation of payment policy for  Bible study ebooks (PDF and epub), commentaries, and class books

Payments for Electronic Books

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Our Policy for Payments for Electronic Books (E-books)

Most articles and Bible study materials on our www.gospelway.com  and www.biblestudylessons.com  sites are offered entirely for free. We neither solicit nor accept donations for these materials. See our FAQ for more information.

We do, however, have some materials available on our web sites for which we charge or accept payment. These materials are written and published by David E. Pratte (not by any church) and payment for these materials is fair and reasonable because of the cost of producing them or because they are essentially books for which payment is a reasonable because of the labor involved in producing them.

Light to My Path Printed Materials

We charge for our printed materials because of the cost of printing them. See our list of titles and prices at www.lighttomypath.net/sales.

Electronic Books (E-books)

We also offer electronic books or e-books (PDF and epub files) on several pages on our web sites. We sincerely offer these for "free." People are welcome to use them with no charge in harmony with our copyright rules. However, some people have voluntarily offered payments to reimburse us for our work. This is not a solicitation for such payments. However, our e-books represent significant time and effort to make available, and it is standard practice to sell e-books on many web sites. For this reason, we are willing to accept voluntary payments of a few dollars each for our e-books. 

This is not a solicitation. We do not request or expect such payments, nor should anyone feel obligated in any way to send a payment, nor should anyone feel that they have been unfair or unreasonable if they choose not to send a payment. However, for those students who voluntarily want to send payments for our e-books, we will accept them at the address listed above. Such payments are not tax deductible. This policy applies to our e-books, commentaries, and Bible study question class books.

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